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World’s First Cordless Carton Closer allows tool to be taken to work without a hose getting in the way. The DSC-3219 is the ideal solution for box and carton stapling, wherever you are.
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1224FA-H 15/16
Max 1224FA-H 15/16" LEG STAPLE
Regular Price: $7.50
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Dahle 567 21 1/2 inch Premium Guillotine Paper Cutter
Dahle 567 21 1/2 inch Premium Guillotine Cutter
Regular Price: $1,370.00
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Preferred Pack PP1606-20 Shrink Tunnel - 110V
Preferred Pack PP1606-20 Shrink Tunnel - 110V
Regular Price: $2,195.00
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Onpak Ultrasonic Clamshell Sealer
Onpak Ultrasonic Clamshell Sealer
Regular Price: $575.00
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SWK-14-S3 14 inch Manual Shrink Wrap Kit
SWK-14-S3 14 inch Manual Shrink Wrap Kit
Regular Price: $285.00
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Kobra 300 SS5 Energy Smart Strip Cut Paper Shredder
Kobra 300 SS5 Energy Smart Strip Cut Paper Shredder
Regular Price: $2,790.00
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Klinch-Pak KP-561M Ergo Manual Top Carton Stapler
Klinch-Pak KP-561M Ergo Manual Box Closing Stapler
Regular Price: $199.00
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W-300DT 12 Inch Foot Operated Direct Heat Sealer
W-300DT - Mesh Jaw
Regular Price: $410.00
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FRM-1120C Stainless Steel Tilt Head Horizontal Band Sealer
FRM-1120C Stainless Steel Tilt Head Horizontal Band Sealer
Regular Price: $2,900.00
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MBM Triumph 1031 Rotary Trimmer - 17 inch
MBM Triumph 1031 Rotary Trimmer - 17 inch
Regular Price: $99.00
On Sale For: $91.00 
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Fox FPS-150 Semi-Auto Low Profile Pallet Wrapper
Fox FPS150 Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper
Regular Price: $5,295.00
On Sale For: $4,990.00 
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BeA HT11 Hammer Tacker
BeA HT11 Hammertacker
Regular Price: $35.00
On Sale For: $24.50 
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Featured Categories

Top Carton Staplers
Specifically designed carton closing tools for box tops will ensure your packages are sealed securely, quickly and cost effectively. We offer a wide range of Top Carton Staplers that can seal single, double and even triple wall corrugate.  Our box stapler tools come in manual or air powered versions are feature high quality construction meant to deliver dependable performance.

Heavy Duty Paper Cutters

We offer a wide range of heavy duty paper cutters to help you make the right cut with efficiency and accuracy.  Our range of Stack Paper Cutters enables thick stacks of paper to cut with ease. The Guillotine Cutters can operate as paper trimmers or small stack cutters. When precision, durability and economy are a must, our range of paper cutters can't be beat.

Manual Staplers
From long reach to desktop, we have a comprehensive range of manual staplers. These heavy duty office staplers are inexpensive and offer years of dependable operation. We carry staplers from top brands such as Isaberg-Rapid, MAX, Novus, Staplex, Bostitch and Klinch-Pak.

Pallet Wrappers
Once you package your products with our shrink wrappers and box staplers, ensure they are safely packed on skids with our pallet wrappers.  We offer a diverse lineup of pallet stretch wrapping machines, including manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic and robotic.  Our machines require very low maintenance and robust features that help you get your pallets ready for shipment in no time.

Heat Sealers
Heat Sealers offer a great and economical solution for sealing poly bags. Choose from a wide range of heat sealers, including hand sealers, foot impulse sealers, band sealers, constant heat sealers and vacuum sealers.  This broad range of sealing equipment means you can find the right sealer to suite just about any application.

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