Channeled Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum Pouches
Also known as food vacuum pouches or barrier pouches, provide a barrier against atmosphere and moisture.

Embossed Channel Vacuum Pouches

These pouches are designed specifically for machines that perform an external vacuum (non-chamber vacuum sealers). The micro layered vacuum bags are made from food grade plastic material.  These bags and rolls have an embossing cut into the channels of the pouch which allows the air to be pulled directly from the pouch itself. Channel vacuum pouches will virtually stop oxygen from penetrating through the bags.

Each pouch consist of 3 layers of construction:

* 2 smooth layers of 3mil polyamide(nylon)-polyethylene barrier material
* 1 polyethylene mesh layer of material in the middle of the pouch. The mesh middle layer is the most important component of the pouch. It allows the air inside the pouch to be directly vacuumed out of the pouch.

Our selection channel vacuum pouches can be used in your home vacuum sealers such as FoodSaver, Seal-A-Meal, Fresh Guard, Minipack Food Vac and Fast Vac, and the PRO-2300-series. For the DZ-280/A Sinbo sealers, use standard vacuum pouches.  Our vacuum bags meet FDA regulations.