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AIE 2013I Manual Shrink Wrap System
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Minipack Synthesis 760 Stainless Steel One Step Shrink Wrap Machine
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SWK-20-S3 20 inch Manual Shrink Wrap Kit
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Shrink wrapping provides your package with a clear, sealed, and clean look. It keeps dust and moisture away from the product.  Shrink Wrapping provides your package with a crystal clear tamper proof package that prevents unwanted damage, tampering, and deters pilfering. Shrink wrap also will protect your package from moisture and dust. Easily re-shrink products that have been opened and your product is like new again. To shrink wrap, all you need is shrink warp material (film or bag), sealer to seal (hand, I-Bar, or L-Bar) and a heat source to shrink (heat gun or shrink tunnel).

Shrink wrap machines use film to tightly wrap and cover an object. Shrink wrapping is the process of wrapping a thin plastic film (clear, colored, or printed) over a range of products like CDs, videotapes, food produce, literature, equipment parts, etc.

Our range of Shrink Wrap Systems are available in automatic, semi-automatic, and manual models. The fully automatic shrink wrappers are suitable for large production needs. They wrap at speeds ranging from approximately 25 to 300 items per minute. Semi-automatic models are also known as L-sealers, and seal about 15 items per minute. They are perfect for medium volume requirements.

One Step Shrink Wrap Machines use a shrink hood that seals and shrinks the film in one operation. These machines offer a cost effective and compact solution for moderate shrink wrapping production volumes. 

Semi-automatic machines are further broken down to one-step and two-step systems. One-steps are self-contained machines. The two-step machines comprise a separate wrapper and shrink tunnel that combine to create a shrink wrapping assembly line. Manual shrink wrap systems can wrap around two to three products a minute. They are great for low production and products that vary in size.

One Step Shrink Wrapper Operation: One Step shrink wrappers are easy to use. The operator places the product on the package loading tray between the two layers of centerfold film. The operator then moves the package into the sealing area and lowers the hood. Once the hood is lowered the operator applies pressure to make the seal. Once the seal is made, the operator keeps the hood down until the film has shrunk. When the shrink time is completed, the hood is returned to the up position and the operator may remove the completed package. The process takes 7- 12 seconds for the complete process, depending on the machine selected.

PVC Shrink Wrap:
PVC or Poly-Vinyl Cloride is one of the most popular types of shrink-film. This type of film shrinks at a low temperature and works great with heat guns.  It has a 'crinkly' or brittle texture. While many PVC shink film are FDA approved for direct food contact, they are not popular with food applications because they produce a slightly pungent odor. Colored PVC shink wrap is also available as a special order.

Polyolefin Shrink Wrap:
This type of shrink wrap film is composed of a combination of Poylethylene and Polypropylene. It is clearer than PVC shrink wrap film and has a very smooth texture.  Some grades of Polyolefin exhibit a 'high slip' factor meaning that they have a very smooth surface and have a low coefficient of friction.  Polyolefin film requires a higher temperature to shrink than PVC shrink wrap film and works best with most one step shrink wrap machines, L-bar sealers and fully automatic shrink wrappers. Since this type of film does not give off an order when sealing, it is quite popular for shrink wrapping food and retail products. Thus, most Polyolefin we carry are rated and FDA approved for direct food contact.