Paper Shredders

Tired of looking for parts and service for that shredder you got at the superstores? Why bother with these disposable shredders that promise a lot but last less than 3 months when you can have a dependable shredder that lasts years? We offer a wide range personal, office, commercial and high security shredders that are more powerful and reliable than shredders purchased at office super stores. More importantly, the shredders we offer are backed by comprehensive warranties that are fully supported by the service department of manufacturer.

Strip Cut Paper Shredders cut narrow strips down the length of the document. This type of shredding does not provide the security of cross cut shredders, but are usually less expensive and require little maintenance. Strip cut shredders require less maintenance and can shred documents faster than comparable cross cut models. Some larger strip shredders are also capable of shredding credit cards and CDs.

Cross Cut Paper Shredders are perfect for destroying confidential material like bank statements, credit cards, financial documents, etc. Also, known as confetti shredders, cross cut is the most most popular shredding method since the blades cut in two directions, producing small particles for enhanced security and reducing the need for frequent shredder bag changes. Since they are more complext than strip cut models, these units need to be oiled frequently, please check our oiling guide for more details.
Formax FD 8502CC Cross Cut Office Shredder
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