Foot Operated Impulse Bag Sealers

Single Impulse Foot sealers are ideal for when the applications requires sealing of higher volumes of poly bags.  Capable of sealing approximately 15-20 bags per minute, foot operated keep both hands free for quicker and more accurate sealing. Depending on the model of sealer, the single impulse element can be a long as 35 inch and  can seal up 16 mil total thicknesses. The seal width ranges from 2mm to 5mm.  

Double impulse foot sealers offer the benefits as single impulse foot sealers but more suited for heavy duty applications and sealing thicker materials. Depending on the model, materials up to 24" wide and 20 mil thick can be sealed with a 5mm or 10mm seal width. The sealer uses 2 heating elements (upper and lower) to fuse the material from both sides at the same time. This gives a faster and better seal for thicker or hard to seal material