Laminating Supplies

Thermal Roll Lamination Film: Thermal laminating film requires heat in order to adhere to your print. Thermal roll film comes in a variety of finishes and mil thickness which require various levels of temperature to successfully laminate the print.

Core Size: The various models of roll laminators use lamination film with different core thickness. The core is the hole that runs through the roll of lamination film. The roll holders on the roll laminator is what is inserted into the core of the film. A roll laminator with roll holders designed for 3" laminating film cores cannot hold 1" core laminating film, however with the use of core adapters, a roll laminator designed to hold a 1" core laminating film may hold a 2.25" or 3" core laminating film. Since brands and models vary in technical specifications, please check with our laminating specialists before purchasing film that will utilize core adapters.

Width: Since roll laminators and wide format printers vary in widths, so does roll laminating film. Please check the model of your laminator to ensure the width of the roll laminating film does not exceed the machine specifications. A 40" wide roll of laminating film will not fit in a 27" laminator, although a 27" roll laminating film will fit comfortably within a 40" wide roll laminator. This flexibility is extremely useful in many applications since you can purchase roll film for the job at hand. If you have a 27" wide roll laminator to handle posters, but then find the need to laminate letter size documents, there are a couple options. You can choose to run 27" roll film which will allow for (3) 8.5" wide letter size documents along side each other and once laminated, cut sheets out individually using a rotary trimmer. Another option is choosing to go with 9" wide or 12" wide laminating film reducing scrap or waste. It is strongly suggested to keep a variety of widths on hand to expedite the myriad of lamination projects.

Mil Thickness: Some laminators can only use lamination film up to a certain thickness. The thickness of roll laminating film is known as the mil thickness (thousandths of an inch). The higher the mil number, the thicker the film. Roll laminating film can be purchased in 1.5 mil, 3 mil, 5 mil, 7 mil, 10 mil, 15 mil. 5 mil is very pliable, where the 10 mil is very tough and rigid. To provide a lightweight protection to your print and enhance colors, 1.5 mil and 3 mil are our most popular selections which is ideal for indoor applications such as maps, posters, and more. Schools, Government, and Military organizations usually order bulk roll laminating film in 1.5 and 3 mil thickness.