Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum Packaging
Vacuum Packaging machines are used to evacuate air around perishable goods such as food products, for short and long term preservation. These machines are also used for packaging vegetables, meats, fruits, liquids and other perishable items. They are ideal for any application where the extension of a product's shelf life, or water/air barrier protection is essential.

Vacuum sealers remove air from a package and seal it. In addition to preserving freshness, sealing in vacuum chamber machines can delay the ripening of fruits or reduce the shrinkage in cheese. The chamber sizes vary greatly in length, width and depth to accommodate packages as small as six ounces or as large as a side of beef. Vacuum packaging supplies include nylon-poly barrier pouches, sealing options like external gas kits and liquid trays, replacement parts, and accessories to complete sealing application requirements.

For applications where the air needs to be replaced, an optional inert gas kit enables the replacement of air with another gas or mixture.

Chamber Vacuum Sealers:
Chamber Vacuum Sealers are designed for sealing higher volumes or products than their non chamber counterparts. The vacuum pouches are placed within the box-like chamber, the desired amount of air is pulled from the machine, and the pouch is then sealed. All of our Chamber vacuum sealers feature stainless steel construction and are have optional gas flush kits.

Chamber vacuum sealers are an economical solution for high volume vacuum because the vacuum pouches more economical than the micro layered pouches used in non chamber sealers. Additionally, chamber vacuum sealers can seal a wider variety of vacuum pouches and bags. All units include an oil based vacuum pump and are capable of vacuum sealing meats, fish, dried products, and liquids (using optional slant tray).

Required maintenance:
Chamber Vacuum Sealers require, routine maintenance. The vacuum pumps are oil based, so the vacuum oil will need to be routinely replaced. Minipack's vacuum sealers has a unique feature that indicates when it is time to change the vacuum oil. Additionally, since these units use an impulse mechanism to heat seal the pouches, Teflon and seal wires will also need be replaced. We can supply the vacuum oil, Teflon tape and sealing wire for you chamber vacuum sealer.'

Vacuum Sealer options:
External Vacuum Kit:
This is a special external hose kit that lets users connect their non chamber vacuum sealer to vacuum seal plastic vacuum containers or the vacuum bottle caps and lids.

Slant tray for liquids:
A special metal frame designed to facilitate the vacuum sealing of liquids withing a chamber vacuum sealer. Designed with a slanting body to prevent spills, these trays have adjustable guides to accommodate numerous bad sizes. These trays are made from stainless steel

Inert Gas Kit (available on select models):
Also know as gas flush, this is special adapter for vacuum sealers that let the users modify the atmosphere within their vacuum pouches. The gas kit would be needed for in situations where products such as potato salad, beef jerky, or peanuts needs to be in a vacuum state without compromising the integrity and visual appeal of the product. Inert gas injected into a package allows the package to obtain a 'pillow effect' or a vacuum packaging of the product without the tight rigid package that may destroy or compromise the product.

Seal bar options:
The Minipack Chamber Vacuum Sealers feature a comes with a seal bar consisting of one 4mm seal wire and a trimmer wire.
However other seal configurations are available including: Double seal : one bar with two 4mm seal wires; Wide seal: One bar with 6mm bar

Vacuum Pouch Supply Guide
Vacuum Pouches
Also known as food vacuum pouches or barrier pouches, provide a barrier against atmosphere and moisture.
Vacuum Pouches for Non-Chamber Machines
These pouches are designed specifically for machines that perform an external vacuum. The micro layered vacuum bags are made from food grade plastic material.
Each pouch consist of 3 layers of construction:
2 smooth layers of 3mil polyamide(nylon)-polyethylene barrier material
1 polyethylene mesh layer of material in the middle of the pouch. The mesh middle layer is the most important component of the pouch. It allows the air inside the pouch to be directly vacuumed out of the pouch.
Vacuum Pouches for Chamber Machines:
These pouches are compatible with chamber vacuum sealers. They consist of 2 smooth layers of 3mil polyamide(nylon)-polyethylene barrier material. 3mil is the most common thickness for vacuum pouches in the industry and meet USDA standards for food packaging. These pouches do not have a layer of mesh since the chamber vacuum machines will evacuate the air once the pouch is within the chamber. Other thickness' available upon request.

Other Types of Vacuum Pouches:
There are other special vacuum pouches including light barrier bags, boilable vacuum pouches, and bone guard pouches. Please call for more information.
Vacuum Containers:
These high barrier, and durable plastic containers are an excellent choice when the application requires a durable vacuum storage. Our vacuum containers are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Food Normal Shelf Life Vacuum Shelf Life
Ground Meat 3 months 1 year
Cuts of Meat 6 months 2-3 years
Fish 2-6 months 1-2 years
Vegetables 6-9 months 2-3 years
Cheese 2-6 weeks 4-8 months
Fruits 1-5 days 7-14 days
Coffee 2 weeks 1-2 years
Flour 6-8 months 1-2 years
Nuts 6-8 months 1-2 years