Matte Stand Up Pouches

What Equipment do I Use?

For your stand up pouches, we suggest using either a 5mm impulse sealer or a direct heat sealer (constant heat sealer). We offer a variety of equipment at various price points and all the sealers listed here will work with your pouches…choose based on the width of your stand up pouch.

For Low Volume Applications:
If you are just starting out your production and looking to seal sample sizes, The FS-205 / 305 Hand Sealer or the KF-150CST  will work the best. Affordable and easy to use with very few moving parts

For Faster Production:
The TEW THS or W-300DAT constant head sealers utilize a foot switch for faster production. (Hands get mighty tired after a full day of sealing).

Fastest Production:
Band Sealers offer the fastest solution! Simply place your bag on the conveyor. Adjustable temperature and speeds available.