Top Carton Staplers

Need to securely close a box for shipping? No problem! We offer a wide selection of manual and pneumatic top closing box staplers. Stapled boxes and cartons provide higher security than taped ones.

Top carton staplers ensure fast and secure lid closing. They do not need counter pressure like a normal stapler.  The Pneumatic Top Carton stapler models are ergonomically shaped and ensure rapid cycling of staples. The Manual Top Carton Staplers are suited where there is no compressed air supply available for air powered models or low volume carton closing applications. We also offer a range of Cordless Electric Top Carton closing staplers that offers the ease of use of pneumatic with the freedom of a manual stapler.

Air Powered Top Carton Stapler models can come equipped to accept either staple strips or roll / coil staples. The Coil Staples enable Roll Staplers to have a high magazine capacity, reducing the time needed to reload.  Thus, these stapling tools are excellent for high volume stapling applications, and jobs where time is critical.

Top Carton Staplers can only close the top of boxes.  See our Bottom Stapler section for units that close the bottom of boxes or our Tray Stapler category for tools for assembling trays.

Stick Staplers vs Roll/Coil Staplers
STICK format staples are collated into sticks and tools can be loaded with up to two sticks at a time. Suitable for
lower volumes. ROLL format staples are collated rolls of up to 5000, therefore containing many times more staples per roll than is found on a stick. Tools using roll format staples will need fewer reloads, making these more appropriate for continuous production line carton closing. However, tools using ROLL staples tend to be heavier when loaded - use with a zero gravity hanger to reduce operator fatigue.

We offer a wide range of quality carton staples at competitive prices. Click here to view our selection of stick carton staples. For higher volume stapling tools, click here for our range of coil staples.


Top Carton Stapling 1

Example of Stapling top of box

Stapling box with overlapping flaps